A healthy sustainable life is all about balance…and belonging. We belong to this Earth and to the one universe. This is our one true source of connection.

April 26, 2017
Gifts for Women Who Love the Wild

21 Things to Give a Woman Who Loves Nature

If you’re wondering what to give a woman who loves wild things…here’s a list of ideas. She might be your mother, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, or BFF who is wild at heart. She connects with the spirit of nature, has an affinity with wildlife, and treasures her wellbeing. #1.  Send Her a Plant – A Living Gift of Uplifting Energy Beautiful plants, just like fresh flowers, attract healthy growing chi. Plants […]
April 4, 2017
Astronomy, Wild at Heart, Connect with Nature, Wild Connection, Cosmic Connection, Stargazing with best telescopes under 200 escape limitations

Escape Your Limits by Getting into Stargazing

Includes a List of the Best Telescopes Under 200 Dollars Seriously! We’re oft oblivious to our narrow lens. This unwittingly stops us from achieving our goals and feeling happy. A way to get past this is to actively shift our perspectives, and stargazing is a proven way of doing this. Here, I talk about connecting with the wild through stargazing, and features of the best telescopes under 200 dollars, to optimize your experience.   I often sky gaze with […]
March 16, 2017
Be fearless - connect with the wild

Be Fearless. Connect with the Wild All-Year-Round

  As a nature-spirited individual, you probably agree on the joys of connecting with the wild. But, what about when the outside is NOT so inviting? Like, when it’s unbearably hot or formidably cold? It’s easy to find excuses to stay indoors, do you agree? Of course…you can find indoor ways to connect with nature. But then again, you could be fearless…and get outside anyway! You might say this is pure mind over […]
March 8, 2017
8 Magic Ways to Connect to the Wild

You Want to Connect to the Wild? Here are 8 Magic Ways

Health and well-being experts pretty much agree that we all need to do more of one thing. That is…Get outdoors and connect to the wild. By ‘the wild’, I mean the stuff that is not artificial, digital, or virtual — Otherwise, known as… nature! This article lists eight magic ways to connect to the wild.   The one certainty is we all benefit from connecting to nature. Let’s face it; we yearn for it — fresh air and green spaces. In fact, […]
February 15, 2017

Find out Which Latest Diet Plan Cares for the Wild the Most?

People tend to consider a diet plan in the context of weight loss: “You’ve lost weight! Are you on a diet?” Of course, I’m on a diet. But…what’s really being said is whether you are on a diet, for weight loss. There’s also diet plans for specific health issues. But…what about a diet plan for environmental or holistic reasons? Latest Eating Trends and that Diet Plan Historically, a person’s diet depended on food grown and available locally. Since then our choices […]
January 5, 2017

New Interests for a New You Linking to a Freer Life

A new you is an important resolution for many.  Having new interests help free us from, not only boredom, but also fear, anxiety, and worry and other limitations in leading a happy, fulfilling life. Here are seven ideas for new interests for a new you.   Since the festive indulgence, I’ve been high-tailing it down to the beach for a swim or two; Anything for the relief of my guilt. (Well, it’s also […]