4 Best Telescopes for Viewing Planets: Pros and Cons

best planet telescope

Looking for a good telescope to view planets? And, you are probably wanting the best telescope for the money, right? You’ve already searched through an assortment of beginner’s telescopes but you’re still looking. You’re still wondering what telescopes can see the planets. The following covers telescopes for planet viewing and this includes go-to telescopes (i.e. … Read more

Beginners Guide to Stargazing + Best Telescopes under 200 Dollars

Night sky viewing is truly wild. Whether you have the best telescope under 200 or the best over 2000 dollars, it will blow your imagination, fuel your intuition, and wash away your worries. This guide for novice stargazers includes a list of telescopes for beginners and info on how to get started with night sky viewing including … Read more