Best Telescope For Kids for Stargazing

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Children are naturally curious and so introducing them to a beginner telescope or a good set of binoculars will help them to develop this and form a broader understanding of the world around them. Finding the best telescope, however, can be somewhat daunting. This telescope buying guide is about helping you with what to consider … Read more

What You Can Expect To See With A Home Telescope

We see jaw-dropping impressive images on social media and the Internet of the planets, galaxies, and nebula. Most of these are taken with highly sophisticated equipment. These are the Hubble type images, and not quite what you will see through a home telescope. What can you expect to see with a home telescope? If you are … Read more

More Than 10 Best Places in the World to Stargaze

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You’ve got yourself a telescope for viewing planets, but where are the best places in the world to stargaze? Here are 10 best places in the world to stargaze. We include some from the National Geographic list as the world’s best stargazing sites to use those best features of your telescope or astronomy binoculars. 1. Atacama … Read more

4 Best Telescopes For Viewing Planets: Pros and Cons

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Looking for a telescope to see planets? And, you’re probably wanting the best telescope for the money, right? The following covers telescopes for planet viewing and this includes Go-To telescopes (i.e. computerized) that are worth a look. Table of Contents How much is a telescope for viewing planets? What planets are visible? The best telescopes … Read more

How to Choose a Telescope: What to Look For When Buying a Telescope

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What telescope should you buy?  What features should you consider and what do they mean? Knowing these things helps when you are searching for that first telescope. Otherwise, it can be frustrating understanding the technical jargon, when you are a beginner looking for scopes for astronomy. The following describes the features of telescopes to help … Read more

Finding the Best Telescope For Beginners

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This buying guide covers the ins and outs of choosing the best telescopes at entry-level price for beginners. It compares six top rated telescopes for the budget minded. In a hurry? See Our Top Rated Telescope For Beginners. What This Covers… Chart comparing Telescopes in This Range Features Explained Things That Matter Best Budget Telescope … Read more