Join the Self Wilding Tribe

Belong to a healthy vibrant world that supports you. Self-Wilding is about tuning into the nature within and around you for wholesomeness that's key to health and wellbeing.

Here's what you get when you join:

You get free access to the resource library, with over 18 products. See below for details. Products are added as they become available. So, expect more to rock your boat. You'll get updates, wild thoughts, + extras sent once a month from Heart of Substance  to subscribers only. There's no exclusive Facebook Group, because 1) I figure there's already enough, and 2) FB is a huge distraction to accessing your true Self.  Mary-Anne Jones, founder of imajnEarth and Heart of Substance.

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Strive to Thrive

Get my FREE e-book about making it out of that stuck situation -- strategies + resources to help you move past barriers and align your direction with that in tune with your true being.


Self-Care Props

Props to stay focused on your mission -- overcome self-doubt | plan and schedule activities for the 'New You" | form super awesome habits | free your true Self and tame your Ego + MORE TO COME ON ESCAPING THE OVERDRIVE AND STAYING BALANCED.


The Wild Connection

Teach yourself and others the value of the Wild -- a fun 28-day 'Self Wild Me' Challenge | Tips on everyday ways to care for the wild | A Watch List on the nasty chemicals to avoid in everyday products | Ways to reduce kitchen waste | Simple living tips + MORE TO COME ON EXPLORING AND PROMOTING OUR EARTH CONNECTION.


Who is this for?

  • People seeking more to life than just having & doing
  • The dedicated who are feeling burned out or stuck
  • The jaded seeking balance within and without
  • Parents wanting the Wild in their kids future
  • Grandparents caring about future generations
  • Wild Warriors looking for comaraderie and tools


Who is this not for?

  • Those wanting to trash the Earth
  • Anyone who is intent on harming themselves or others
  • People who care nought about future generations
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