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Shining the lilght on Heart of Substance

Hey there! I am stoked to be sharing my brand-new website today — imajnEarth for aspirers of (great things) finding real purpose, rejuvenation, and a better world.

Shining the lilght on Heart of Substance. Time to unplug the noise. Loosen the Shackles! Blog.

WOO, what an ask! I decided to create this site to help people connect with their self and the wild (the natural world).

I’ve coined the approach, Self Wilding.

Hmm, this is not about living barefoot and free in the woods (though, how cool would that be?).

Rather, it’s about discovering ‘self’ and ‘the wild’ in everyday living.

This Self is free of others’ perceptions, personas, and the ego, and the wild is about the natural world.

Self is at the Heart of Substance you present to the world

Self within layers of ego, persona, and others’ perceptionsadapted from the art of being yourself by Caroline McHugh

Here’s the deal.

Alienating the self from the natural world has human costs.

Think about the oxygen we breathe, the ambient temperatures we function well in, the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, and much more.

The purpose of this website?

It’s to empower people to care more for themselves, others, and the planet. This is about nurturing and creating awareness around conscious habits, behaviors, and attitudes that make a difference.

To discover your true Self?

It’s to find your purpose, your values, your visions, your motivations, your goals, and your beliefs over those instilled in you by others.

Discovering your true self requires introspection and self-awareness.

It is about wilding the self from others’ perspectives, crafted personas, and ego that serve the present societal direction rather than the self, and seeing the connection with all other substance on this planet.

   “Our DNA not only connects us to every plant and animal alive today, but to every single thing that has ever lived” ~ Brian Cox, Physicist.

Bottom line…

Self Wilding is like finding your balance in a topsy-turvy world.

Even in fairy tales, balance rules for success.

Take Goldilocks.

Goldilocks reckoned mommy and daddy bear’s porridge and chairs were too extreme, but baby bear’s was just right.

You get my point.

How does this relate to real life, then?

Too much of a demanding lifestyle leads to stress. Way too less to boredom. Both drain our vitality.

Over exercising can zap your vitality, just as too little can make you feel lethargic. But, the right balance is essential for your health and wellbeing.

You get my point.

That’s not all…

According to science, nature contact promotes wellness and helps us deal with stress.

Natural aromas (phytoncides) can work in reducing blood pressure, altering autonomic activity, and boosting immune functioning.

As well, nature exudes an abundance of negative air ions, especially around moving water, mountainous areas, and forests.

The best part…

Nature exposes us to negative ions. These stimulate the production of serotonin. And, that makes us fortified against worldly pressures.

You can read more about this in How to Naturally Feel Better.

What I love about this site:

  • combines nurturing and nature
  • has inspirational leads
  • the scientific findings
  • the tools, simple tips and tricks to living

Regarding the topics: Apart from Self Wilding being focal, you’ve heard You are what you eat, consider…you are what you see, feel, touch, and hear as well — we cover that – and we cover the use of visualization and other treats to serve your intuitive self. We include what’s said in scientific literature and links to useful sites, books, and videos.

If you find sections that need fixing on our site, let us know. We’ve done our best for now, but realize there may be some glitches and bugs that need our attention.

Contact us anyway, we’d love to hear from you!

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Mary-Anne J.

About Mary-Anne J.

Hi, I'm Mary-Anne. Welcome to my site about 'wellness through wildness'. Wildness is not just about nature, it's about being free to be who you need to be for your wellness. I believe that connecting with the wild is the simplest and most in tune way to achieve and maintain wellness. It's not only the wild outside that counts but the wild within that needs acknowledging. That's where this mindset begins.

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  1. AnthonyV says:

    I’d like to know more about the personal layers of ego that are the outer bounds of our true selves. A question would be – how do we know when we are succumbing to our dominant ego rather than connecting with our true selves. Are there benifits to the other personas that naturally exist described by Caroline McHugh. Regards anthony

    • Mary-Anne J. at Heart of Substance says:

      Hi AnthonyV, Thanks for your comment. This is my take on ego (Note that there are many versions of the Ego). To me, the ego is the You that presents to the physical world and works at protecting You on that plane. Ego is what you think you are. The Ego supports You against the rest of the world. It’s all about You. Thus, often it comes from a place of competition, whereas the true Self (we’ll call that your spirit) comes from a place of connection. A connection to a higher consciousness. It’s about Us, the universe. To know whether your ego dominates, check your intentions. Are they all about You or more so about the greater good. Your true Self will know. Regarding personas, they benefit us in forming relationships with others. It is natural. Persona is what you would like everyone to think of you. Only that, when misaligned with the true Self, a false presentation of You will likely cause you internal turmoil.

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