Intuition in Capturing Footage

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In this, I look at instinct vs intuition and how these relate to landscape photography. What does each phenomenon mean? Are they the same, or not?

At first, you may think they mean the same. But, I will go on to say that they are different, but that they do work in unison to yield some great works of creativity, especially in landscape photography.

Instinct vs Intuition

This is my take…


is what enables you to quickly adapt to changing conditions, to quickly learn new skills. It’s your mind and body working in sync to keep you out of ‘trouble’ or to get you ahead of the game.

As far as intuition goes…

This is what guides you to take that awe-inspiring shot, to know that best scene and timing. It’s what resonates with your soul.

Instinctive Photography

To me, this is about know-how.

For example, you may instinctively know how the different features of the latest GoPro work, how to fly that drone to the greatest advantage point, or how to quickly focus a telescope as a beginner astronomer.

Intuitive Photography

On the other hand, intuitive photography is about capturing the moment and the scenes free from restriction, from rules of logic.

It’s photography guided by an inner wisdom (or a higher source of knowing, if that clicks with you better).

It’s about experiencing rather than ‘doing’ photography.

It’s about being in the flow when the juices of creativity run highest.

Intuition is the source of creativity and takes you to a place beyond logic.

It helps you see the landscape in different moods, letting it speak to you.

Playful drone videography

Playfulness opens the door to intuition.

In Summary

To encapsulate in a few words, the main differences that I see are these:

Intuitive Instinctive
 Working with a sense of calm and a ‘knowing’  Doing automatic know-how
 Confident and trusting  Questioning
 No strong physical sensation, Being in the flow  Physical sensations, Alertness
 Driven by an inner guidance  Reacting
 A cognitive process  A behavioral process

Table adapted from Heart of Substance.

What’s your take on intuitive photography?

Do you experience it?

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