Cold Weather Survival Guide. 10 Must-Dos Before Getting Outdoors.

Wanting to go out and get a dose of the wild, the open spaces, in the bitter cold? Here are some cold weather survival tips and ways to strengthen your resolution to escape outside and capture the beauty of Earthscapes. Part 1 of this series is about getting outdoors in the summer heat. Why get outside … Read more

Summer Heat Survival Guide. 10 Essentials for Getting Outdoors.

Be fearless - connect with the wild

As a nature-spirited individual, you probably agree on the joys of connecting with the wild. But, what about when the outside is NOT so inviting? Like, when it’s unbearably hot or formidably cold? It’s easy to find excuses to stay indoors. This article is Part 1 of my #getreal action series that aims to arm you with ways to … Read more