What’s the Best Telescope For Kids for Stargazing?

best telescope for kids

Encouraging children to stargaze helps expand their minds. Children are naturally curious and so introducing them to a telescope or a good set of binoculars to check out the night sky helps them develop a broader understanding of the world around them. Finding the best telescope, however, can be slightly daunting. This telescope buying guide looks at … Read more

What You Can Expect To See With A Home Telescope

We see jaw-dropping impressive images on social media and the Internet of the planets, galaxies, and nebula. Most of these are taken with highly sophisticated equipment. These are the Hubble type images, and not quite what you will see through a home telescope. What can you expect to see with a home telescope? If you are … Read more

4 Best Telescopes For Viewing Planets: Pros and Cons

best planet telescope

Looking for a telescope to see planets? And, you’re probably wanting the best telescope for the money, right? You’ve already searched through an assortment of beginner’s telescopes but you’re still looking. You’re still wondering what telescopes can see the planets. The following covers telescopes for planet viewing and this includes Go-To telescopes (i.e. computerized) that are … Read more

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Telescope

best telescope features

What telescope should you buy?  What features should you consider and what do they mean? Knowing these things helps when you are searching for the right telescope for you or your child. Otherwise, it can be frustrating for you, especially if you are a beginner looking for a telescope for night sky viewing. The following description of … Read more

Guide to Buying the Best Long Range Drone 2019

long range drones

What’s the best drone to buy for distance flying? Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast a long-range drone has its advantages. It can go places that you may not have the time or the capability of going for those great aerial shots. It can save squillions on time if you are monitoring land features … Read more