Important Features to Consider When Buying a Telescope

best telescope features

What telescope should you buy?  What features should you consider and what do they mean? Knowing these things helps when you are searching for the right telescope for you. Otherwise, it can be frustrating for you, especially if you are a beginner looking for a telescope for night sky viewing. The following description of different features of … Read more

Cold Weather Survival Guide. 10 Must-Dos Before Getting Outdoors

Wanting to go out and get a dose of the wild, the open spaces, in the bitter cold? Here are some cold weather survival tips and ways to strengthen your resolution to escape outside and capture the beauty of Earthscapes. Why get outside in the bitter cold? If you are cooped up inside for too long … Read more

Summer Heat Survival Guide. 10 Essentials for Getting Outdoors

Hot weather survival tips

As an outdoor-spirited individual, you probably agree on the joys of getting out in nature. But, what about when the outdoors is not so inviting? It’s easy to find excuses to stay indoors. But here are some tips on getting outdoors when it’s unbearably hot. Why get outside in the horrible heat? Apart from migrating south … Read more