GoPro​ Voice Commands

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Latest GoPro have voice commands that make handling easier. It helps to know these commands in a little detail without having to refer to the instructions each time. Here I list the main ones to commit to memory.

GoPro Voice Commands


When using GoPro commands, you’ll want to at least know the simple voice commands.

What This Covers...

  • Which GoPros Have Voice Control
  • The List Of GoPro Voice Control Commands
  • How To Control GoPro By Voice
  • When GoPro Voice Command Not Working

The List Of GoPro Voice Control Commands

What are the GoPro Voice commands? GoPro voice commands allow you to operate your GoPro camera hands free. This means you can switch between modes and use camera functions by simple voice commands allowing you the freedom to use your hands for other tasks. 

All commands start with the term “GoPro”. The Mode commands end with “Mode” and the action commands begin with a doing word such as “Start”, “Stop”, “Shoot” or “Take”. 

There are 12 basic GoPro voice commands.

Basic List of Voice Commands

  1. GoPro Video Mode
  2. GoPro Start Recording
  3. GoPro Stop Recording
  4. GoPro Timelapse Mode
  5. GoPro Start Time Lapse
  6. GoPro Stop Time Lapse
  7. GoPro Photo Mode
  8. GoPro Take a Photo
  9. GoPro Burst Mode
  10. GoPro Shoot Burst
  11.  GoPro Turn Off
  12.  GoPro HiLight 

Hidden Voice Commands of GoPro Cameras

Apart from the 12 basic ones, there are two hidden or secret commands that will add a HiLight tag: “That was sick” and “Oh shit!”.

Latest GoPros Have Voice Control

Which GoPros have voice control? The latest GoPros have voice control, including the GoPro Hero models from GoPro Hero5 onwards.

The following compares the models with voice commands.

GoPro Model Comparison of Commands

HERO8 BlackYes15 "GoPro Turn On"
HERO7 Black White SilverYes16
17 - Black
"GoPro Capture"
"GoPro Stop Capture"
Black: "GoPro Turn On"
HERO6 BlackYes15"GoPro Turn On"
HERO5 BlackYes15"GoPro Turn On"
HERO5 Session Yes14-
RemoYes15"GoPro Turn On"

What To Know

The GoPro Hero models before HERO5 have no voice control. 

The commands work in up to 10 different languages, depending on the model and are configured via the settings.

The Remo is a waterproof remote for the two Hero5 GoPros that is voice activated.

Commit GoPro Voice Control Commands To Memory

Here are four memory tags to help.

About commands:

  1. Two types: action or mode.
  2. All start with: “GoPro”.
  3. Mode types end with: “Mode”
  4. Action types start with a doing word, e.g. “Start”, “Stop”, “Take”, “Shoot”, “Hilight”.

GoPro Voice Control: Mode Commands

These commands allow you to switch between the four modes: 

  1. Video 
  2. Photo 
  3. Burst 
  4. Time Lapse

Each mode command starts with ‘GoPro’ and ends with ‘Mode’.

An example: If you were wanting to switch to record a video you would say “GoPro Video Mode” or for the Burst mode: “GoPro Burst Mode”.

GoPro Voice Control: Action Commands

Action commands allow you to perform camera functions.

For video recording, for instance, you would use “GoPro Start Recording” or “GoPro Stop Recording.”

The GoPro Hero7 cameras are unique in also featuring the command actions ‘GoPro Capture’ and ‘GoPro Stop Capture’, which apply not onto to video recording but to other modes, e.g., Time Lapse and Photo.

Other action command examples are “GoPro Shoot Burst”; “GoPro Take a Photo”; “GoPro HiLight”.

Using Voice Control Commands

Putting this together…

A practical example:

If you were wanting to start recording video from the menu or another mode, you would say “GoPro Video Mode GoPro Start Recording”. This would switch or place you in Video Mode and then start recording video content.

If you are wanting to stop recording, you would say “GoPro Stop Recording” since you are already in the GoPro Video mode. 

How Do I Turn On GoPro Voice Control?

How do I control my GoPro with voice? First enable the feature of voice control in the GoPro menu and turn on the option to ‘Wake on Voice’.

Here is a 3 min video showing you how easy this is to set up. 

GoPro Voice Command Not Working

Check you have enabled Voice Control… 

Go to the main screen (or Preferences menu) and scroll to the Voice Control icon (person talking) and make sure the option is selected. Select the language you prefer if it is not already selected.

Test by saying one of the commands listed.

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