12 Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy Person

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Looking for gift ideas for that special person? Whether it’s the sense of freedom, the need to keep fit, or the intrinsic beauty of nature, those that appreciate the wild, or its essence will value an outdoor-themed gift. Check out our list of gift ideas for the outdoorsy person.

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We collated the below list to inspire you to find the perfect present for those special occasions, e.g. Christmas, Birthdays, or Thank You times, for your friend or relative who likes exploring or adventure.

Gifts Ideas for Him, Her, or the Kids

In this gift guide, there are gift ideas for men, women, and children who like to actively experience the outdoors as well as those who connect in spirit.

This gift idea list includes items sold at Amazon. One thing about Amazon.com – it has an online Return Center with an area where a gift recipient can easily start a gift return by using the item’s order number. The items need to be marked as a gift at time of purchase. You can find out more here.

#1. A Set of Binoculars

One of my perfect gift ideas for an outdoor enthusiast is a set of binoculars.

Nature binoculars available at Amazon — See details

These 8×42 Wingspan Optics binoculars are waterproof with a wide field of view and close focus. The exit pupil is 5.25 mm, which will suit most adult users. The eye relief of 17.2 mm makes them a comfortable fit with or without eyewear – so perfect for use with sunglasses or prescription wear.

As mentioned above, it has an extra-wide field of view in that the width you can see at 1000 yds/ 430 ft. The set comes with a neck stray, nylon mesh carrying case, and protection covers for the eyepiece and lens.

What’s also so good about these binoculars is that they have an anti-slip grip outer, are waterproof and fog proof as well as lightweight (1.5 lb) and durable.

Being lightweight these make great gifts for hikers and adventurers wanting to capture great views. They are designed for tough weather conditions and rugged environments.

You might like to check out my article on binoculars best for stargazing for more options and on what to consider when buying binoculars.

#2. An Expandable Pocket Accessory Belt

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Spibelt bum bag – Click on image for latest price at Amazon

Looking for a gift under $30 or close to it? The Spibelt Original – Expandable Pocket Bum Bags are popular gifts for the outdoorsy, fitness type, or anyone on the move. You might like the price at Amazon – See details.

The bum bag has a waterproof lock safe liner to protect your valuables. And, it is so comfortable – no more having those items bouncing around!

SPIbelts make suitable gifts for men, women, and kids. They are perfect for holding a cell phone, keys, ID, headphones, cash, credit cards, or even a passport.

The no-bounce running belt is suitable for walkers, runners, athletes, and adventurers.

This is also another option if you are looking for gifts for backpackers.

#3. Luxurious Wool Active Wear

Merino wool is a beaut natural textile. The product sold at Wilderness Wear is grown in Tasmania, Australia, by a few exclusive growers.

“The deal with Merino is its fineness, with the ‘Fine’ gradings at 25 microns, ‘Superfine’ at 18 microns and ‘Ultrafine’ at just 15 microns – all the product of Australian Merino sheep…the lower the fiber thickness and longer the staple, the softer the feel and the more efficient the thermal capability, which is why the world loves this high-end material for next-to-skin garments” according to Wilderness Wear.

A pair of merino wool socks would have to be one of the best outdoor gift ideas for dad wouldn’t you say? Especially, as you’ve probably heard …you can’t go wrong with giving socks as presents. But seriously, these would be valued by anyone taking a trip and wanting to survive the cold.

You get free shipping offers at Wilderness Wear (if you are lucky enough to be in Australia). But, they do deliver internationally.

See the Merino Range at WILDERNESS WEAR

#4. Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Mug

gift idea of a mug
Insulated coffee mug – Click image for latest price at Amazon

For another low price buy…What about an insulated coffee mug for that loved one who is always on the go?

Klean Kanteen with a lifetime warranty has a stainless steel travel mug that is great for coffee on the go. There is a range of sizes (12 to 20 oz) to suit your needs. They come in a variety of colors.

This is an insulated wide food-grade 18/8 stainless steel coffee mug with the leakproof Café Cap 2.0 lid. It has a brushed stainless appearance and holds hot or cold fluid.

It will keep hot fluids hot for up to 10 hours and icy cold drinks cold for up to 30, according to its makers.

It is also free from BPA, phthalates, lead, and other toxins. You can get this at Amazon – See details.

#5.  A Lightweight Drone with Camera

DJI Mavic – Click image to check out the price at Amazon

A DJI Mavic is a lightweight drone that flies a long-distance and folds for easy transport. Thus, it is an ideal gift idea for travelers and backpackers, who like to capture awesome shots of their adventures from overhead or out to sea or anywhere that is tricky to get to by foot. It’s a popular one in those outdoor gifts for men (and women) lists.

If you want to compare the DJI with others, check out my long-range drone buyers guide. It also covers a list of the best cheap long-range drones on the market.

#6. Metal Detector

Looking for outdoor Christmas ideas for the kids?

Get the kids outdoors and away from their screens with a metal detector. They’ll love looking for and digging up treasure.

This definitely has to be one of the top gifts for outdoorsy people who like to take the kids on adventures.

#7. Outdoor Battery Charger

Great for camping – Click image for latest price at Amazon

Looking for camping gifts?

This Nekteck charger involves a small solar panel, which can be used for those times when you are stuck outdoors and need power for your device.

This is like a spare power source that you fully charge using the adaptor or computer before going out and then in a case of emergency you have the solar panel to top up the charge, though not at a high speed because of the limited cell size.

It is rain resistant and dirt and shockproof. It has dual USB ports and is a high-efficiency sun-powered backup power device. Will support all USB devices.

It includes a flashlight, which is always handy when out camping. It has a built-in sensor for light detection. It charges faster by the adaptor or by computer – this is recommended for normal use as it is faster.

It is lightweight at 10 oz. Check out the price at Amazon – See details.

#8. Outdoor Sandals or BareFeet Options

Teva outdoor sandals – Click on image for latest prices at Amazon

What about summer survival? A set of outdoor sandals, like the Teva summer wear,  support feet on summer hikes. These are also great for the lake or as beachwear. See my article on surviving the heat outdoors in summer.

Teva has quite a huge range of colors and styles to suit all. They have rubber soles and feel great under your feet and give that bit of extra comfort and support while being open to allow your feet to breathe. They are available at Amazon – See details.

For those wanting footwear offering a natural stride, check out the ‘barefoot’ shoes that are available.

#9. Unique Hiking Gifts

Looking for unique hiking gifts? There are a range of ideas on gifts for her, gifts for him, and gifts for the kids in this area.

You’ll get shop deals on outdoor and camping gear a lot of the time, especially if you are looking to shop at Christmas or other special buying times.

There’s a wide range of sleeping bags, climbing gear, outdoor clothing, sports watches, tents, and much more. 

#10. Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Give a gift of giving to the African Wildlife Foundation: “Giving the gift of membership is a great way to honor a friend or family member’s passion for protecting rare and endangered wildlife.”

elephant, Gift Ideas for Lovers of the Wild, donate, African Wildlife
AWF donation a gift to honor a passion for protecting rare and endangered wildlife

This is one of the best gifts for nature lovers or that someone who has ‘everything’ and wants to make a difference.

#11. Travel Scope

Portable telescope by Celestron – Click image for latest price at Amazon

Complete with case and tripod, this portable telescope is another one of those ideal gifts for outdoor enthusiasts who are on the move. It also makes a great telescope for a child as a gift to spark their interest in astronomy. If you are looking for more of these, check out my guide and reviews of children’s telescopes.

The versatility of using the scope for stargazing and viewing planets in the dark skies and then, for observing wildlife and land features of the terrain, adds value to the experience of being outdoors. See also my buying guide on the best telescopes for beginners and my reviews of telescopes for viewing planets.

#12. A Set of Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles Are Great for Any Size Hike

A set of two anti-shock trail poles falls can be one of those outdoor gifts for women or men.

These make the best gifts for hikers who like the support as well as the extra workout they provide.

What’s so good about these?

Poles are a great way of working out your arms as well as your legs while hiking even the easy trails. They provide that extra support when the ground is uneven to alleviate wear on ankles and knees. They also help with maneuvering slopes (going up or down).

Best tip: Look for quality, built to last.

Every hiker should have a set of trekking poles!

Final Thoughts

Sometimes all it takes is a little prompting to get ideas running. I hope my dozen or so ideas of outdoor gifts for those adventurers help you in some way. Like I said above, comment below if you have some other amazing gifts for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you think this list is missing some amazing gift, please feel free to share your unique outdoor gift ideas below in the comments. If you are looking for similar gift ideas (but more of the outdoor gifts for her) then check out the 35+ ideas here.

Hints On Buying Gifts Online

It is a good idea to look for the return policy and options of the store when buying gifts online. You’ll want an easy friendly approach if the recipient of your gift needs to return the item for some reason.

Also, check out the shipping policy. Is there free shipping and if so, is there a certain limit to reach for this?

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