101 Ways Drones Are Saving the Earth For Us

Drones help to save the Earth

It’s important to preserve our environment. For one, landscapes support livelihoods¹ plus they have personal and spiritual meanings for many, being places of pilgrimage and celebration. But, let’s not forget what they provide in the way of awesome places to escape the humdrum, reenergize and capture awe-inspiring and uplifting views of the world around us. Environmental engineers and … Read more

8 Natural Mood Enhancers. How to Naturally Feel Better

Whether it’s flying that drone, stargazing, or capturing the view, just being outdoors in nature is a sure way of boosting the natural mood enhancers in your body. There are four main mood enhancers and this article describes eight ways of freely getting a dose of these feel-better-natural chemicals. Why natural mood enhancers? Being able … Read more

How to Get Out of that Rut and Be Happy!

grow beyond that rut

Holidays, short breaks, and weekends are ideal times to reboot and refresh to get you out of that rut. But, how soon after does that ugh feeling re-appear?! The good news is you can consciously grow beyond that blah! In this article, I cover ways of freeing yourself from that rut, to move on, unshackle, and rid the … Read more

Finding Calm in the Sea of Chaos. Life, Sense, and Sensibility

People suffer an endless and ever-increasing barrage of expectations and demands. The changing technology and new ways of doing business take their toll. But, then there’s that looming pressure to be a promotion-worthy employee, a perfect parent, or a gangbuster successful entrepreneur. These are stimuli that trigger what feels like a life of chaos. Here are … Read more

8 Therapeutic Captures of the Wild

You might agree that we all need to do more of one thing. That is…Get outdoors and connect with the wild. By ‘the wild’, I mean the stuff that is not artificial — Otherwise, known as… nature! Because of how we live our lives today, there is a huge disconnect. So, it’s important to think about ways to connect to … Read more

When Feeling Stuck, Your Core Values Probably Need a Checkup

feeling stuck, core values

Our core values are what tell us whether our life is unfolding in the direction that we want it to. When what we do and how we behave are out of sync with our core values, life feels a little like being left in the dark. We feel disorientated and disillusioned, and depressed even. It becomes a genuine source of unhappiness. Just like … Read more