101 Ways Drones Are Saving the Earth For Us

Drones help to save the Earth

It’s important to preserve our environment. For one, landscapes support livelihoods¹ plus they have personal and spiritual meanings for many, being places of pilgrimage and celebration. But, let’s not forget what they provide in the way of awesome places to escape the humdrum, reenergize and capture awe-inspiring and uplifting views of the world around us. Environmental engineers and … Read more

6 Ideas To Get You Out of that Rut!

Holidays, short breaks, and weekends are ideal times to reboot and refresh to get you out of that rut. But, how soon after does that ugh feeling re-appear?! The good news is you can consciously grow beyond that blah! In this article, I cover ideas on how to get out that rut, to move on, unshackle, and rid … Read more

Connect to the Wild Earth: Capture Inspiring Shots

connect with the wild, capture nature shots

You might agree that capturing nature is inspiring. Drones, telescopes, and GoPros are modern technologies that help us do that to gain a greater appreciation of the world around us. They can help us educate others and broaden everyone’s appreciation of Earth’s natural wonders. The following are ways of connecting to the wild where you can … Read more

A List of Things to Do For a New You

new you

Here’s a list of things to do to get you re-energized. Having new interests will get you feeling bubbly again. And below are some ideas just for that. New You Resolution Ideas 1. Explore New Places It’s not hard to guess that actively exploring can re-energize us. Try eco-adventures, trips for global awareness, cultural awareness, or just being … Read more

Dealing with Perfectionism. Are Your Captures Never Good Enough?

perfectionism, not good enough

Do you suffer from perfectionism or from a feeling that your work is just ‘not good enough’? Maybe it’s your associate or boss who does? Always finicky about the output from your project, like that long-range drone capture? Or, just can’t get the settings right on that telescope for the perfect image of Jupiter? Here are some Up Sides, Down … Read more

Fighting Wastage of Food and Natural Resources

The world is on track to triple its garbage by 2100. Aargh, it will exceed 11 million tonnes a day. Whoa, that’s a lot of mess. You care about the state of the Earth for tomorrow’s generations and want to banish needless wastage, but life is full on. How can you practically do more? Here are some resources to help with how … Read more