101 Ways Drones Are Saving the Earth For Us

Drones help to save the Earth

It’s important to preserve our environment. For one, landscapes support livelihoods¹ plus they have personal and spiritual meanings for many, being places of pilgrimage and celebration. But, let’s not forget what they provide in the way of awesome places to escape the humdrum, reenergize and capture awe-inspiring and uplifting views of the world around us. Environmental engineers and … Read more

Best GoPro for Drone. GoPro HERO6 and Fusion Compared

GoPro Hero 6 or Fusion, difference between them

The HERO6 Black can be used with the Karma, GoPro’s long range drone. But the Fusion cannot. Plus, it looks like GoPro is retiring the Karma drone, so how else do these two GoPros compare? This article covers some of the main features that differ between them as well as some frequently asked questions about GoPros. … Read more

Before You Fly That Drone in the US

Drone above houses, US Drone regulations

As always there are things to do before you fly that drone. Ensuring your drone’s battery is charged and checking the propellers are securely fastened are important. But, checking that you are allowed to fly that drone with a camera (or any drone) in the area you’ve chosen and that you have the right approvals is a … Read more

Before You Fly That Drone in Australia

drone regulations, Australia

The following questions and answers are based on the safety regulations for flying drones in Australia. Breach of these regulations when flying that drone to capture aerial shots could incur a fine of over AU$10,000. The company DJI have designed equivalent questions and answers in a quiz for Australian drone pilots. Things to do before … Read more

Best Drone for a GoPro to Buy 2018

best drone for gopro

You might be wondering which drone is best for Go Pro action. To help you find the best GoPro for a drone, the following looks at three of the top-rated drones that can be used with GoPros. Best Drone for a GoPro A GoPro takes photos on the move. Attach the GoPro to your drone and you get … Read more

Guide to Buying the Best Long Range Drone 2019

long range drones

What’s the best drone to buy for distance flying? Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast a long-range drone has its advantages. It can go places that you may not have the time or the capability of going for those great aerial shots. It can save squillions on time if you are monitoring land features … Read more