Before You Fly That Drone in Australia


The following questions and answers are based on the safety regulations for flying drones in Australia. Breach of these regulations could incur a fine of over AU$10,000. The company DJI have designed equivalent questions and answers in a quiz for Australian drone pilots.

Things to do before you fly that drone:

Australian drone regulations

(as at Feb 2018)

You can only fly one drone at a time in Australia.

How far away can I fly that drone?

You must see the drone at all times with your own unaided eyesight (of course, prescription glasses are allowed).

What is the maximum flight altitude for a drone?

The maximum flight altitude you can fly a drone is 120 meters above ground level.

How close to a major airport can I fly a drone?

You can’t fly a drone within 5.5 kilometers of a controlled aerodrome.

How close can the drone get to people?

No more than 30 meters.

What should I do if you become aware of a manned aircraft flying toward my drone?

Land your drone as soon as it is safe to do so.

To fly a drone commercially the Civil Aviation Safety Authority requires me to…?

Have an RPA operator’s certificate or fly in the sub-2kg/landholder excluded category.

Information sources

For drone rules and where you can fly: