How to Spark Creativity When You’re In a Rut | 10 Proven Ways

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Feeling unmotivated? Getting outdoors in nature with some fun gear is how to spark creativity when you’re in a rut. If you’ve used hobby drones, GoPros, or are into astronomy, you know it’s one sure way, yes! In this article, we go beyond that to cover nine more ways to inspire and fuel your creative positive energy when you know that ‘getting into it’ just ain’t happening for you.

how to spark creativity when your in a rut, channel the energy of the wild outdoors
Channel your creativity

It’s liberating to be creativity. And, nature is a great backdrop for this.

Whenever I have found myself stuck in the ways I relate to things, I return to nature. It is my principal teacher, and I try to open my whole being to what it has to say. ~ Wynn Bullock

The freedom of expression – and that’s about having confidence in your creative self – is is capturing the raw beauty of the wild outdoors.

… the kind of confidence that comes from there is like the confidence of the sky.

~ Caroline McHugh, founder and CEO of Idology.

Are You Looking For Inspiration?

No one wants to be in a rut, much like a robot.

It’s easy to fall into and lose that creative and spontaneous output. 

How to Spark Creativity When you’re in a rut

The first step is to admit that you’re not cutting it.

It can happen to all of us.

The best thing to do then is to take some steps to shift your mindset and get out of the dull zone.

Having a strong passion about a hobby will help keep you invigorated, but sometimes you need that extra nudge. Here are some ideas.

Start with a positive attitude and try these six basics.

#1 Just Get Outdoors

I love the beach. Just being there naturally boosts my creative mood.

Getting outdoors instantly is an instant relaxer (important for creativity). It involves not only discovering the beauty in the wild around but it ignites the creativity within us.

Nature is packed with diversity and ever-changing moods in so many landscapes and niches.

Just being outside can change how you feel. If you have a drone with a camera, go out and capture live footage of some obscure landscape.

Just be wary of the physical implications of overheating during super hot weather. Or in winter, make sure to prepare for cold conditions.

Always make sure to respect nature and check the conditions where you intend to go first. Some rules to live by: Interact but don’t interfere and take nothing away nor shot anything except footage.

#2 Hype Up Your Senses

To inspire creativity, try these:

  • Look and feel the natural textures around you.
  • Take in natural aromas of food baking or coffee brewing.
  • Breathe in uplifting energizing essential oils, like peppermint, orange, or bergamot. Using a diffuser helps.
  • Notice the diversity of color, texture, and shape in the things around you. Try drawing what you see or just doodling for the fun of it.
  • Try watching magical sunsets, sunrises, or rainbows; the moon shining across a bay or a field; the many shades of green and brown in the forest, woodland, or bushland. 

#3 Get Into the Flow

Be guided by your intuition. Sit quietly for a while. Stop look and notice patterns and possibilities. Then. Explore. Enquire. Enjoy. Appreciate.

 #4 Develop Your ‘Creative Palette’

Here are some examples:

  • Learn about the hues of the Earth, about lifeforms, and other natural wonders.
  • Check out the forums relating to hobbies. You’ll find these for astronomy, landscape photography, capturing footage with drones, and many more interests.

Joining enthusiasts who share your interests in forums and meetups is a great way of varying your thinking and can be a sure way of getting you out of a rut.

Sharing the results of your interests in photos, videos, or other crafts and hobbies with others can be fun and stimulate new avenues of thinking that get you out of that rut as well.

#5 Time and Timing

Be persistent, but patient with developing your creative side. 

Be mindful of what you are aiming for. Make sure to have fun.

#6 Resolve To Do Something New and Rewarding

Do something new to get re-energized and spark creativity. Having new interests can get that creativity bubbling again.

A change is good as a holiday, or so the saying goes.

Think about one thing that you can do different today, and the next day, and just do it!

Try a different fitness trend like running with your drone.

If you have a set of binoculars or a home telescope check out the planets and constellations in the night sky tonight. Try out different filters and eyepieces with that telescope. Astronomy opens a whole new perspective.

Alternatively, get creative with your GoPro or camera.

#7 Explore New Places

It’s not hard to guess that actively exploring new places can re-energize us. Look at where you could go in the future. Check out some eco-adventures or cultural awareness trips that push the boundaries.

You could join enthusiasts and travel to destinations to see the best night skies.

#8 Do Something Meaningful

Be a part of that change in our habits. Collectively we can monitor that change (see 101 ways drones are making a difference), including tracking ocean plastic and fighting wastage.

Don’t worry if you feel your ability is not good enough. Practice makes perfect and even the best artist starts somewhere. Failures often turn you into the best operator. Just enjoy and have fun with it!

Why not try a few minutes in meditation to quiet the ‘noise’ and open your mind to get yourself in the ‘flow’ for creativity. If you are new at this, you might want to find out about meditation for beginners.

#9 Laugh!

Laughter is the best medicine, so they say. With this, the Chopra Centre gives well-being reasons why you should laugh more, with these quick hacks:

  • Spend more time with people who have fun.
  • Remember that life is funny. The ability to laugh at yourself makes you attractive to others and can help relieve your own stress. Focus on finding the funny moments in your day, and then tell a friend your funny story as a way to increase the power of laughter by sharing.
  • Know what isn’t funny. Laughing at the expense of others isn’t funny. Be discerning about your humor by laughing with—not at—people.

Laughter reduces stress. It’s a natural mood booster. It also boosts immunity, increases resilience, and combats depression – all good reasons to have it on the list of new you resolution ideas.

#10 Set Goals

Goals give you something to work towards. Start with something small, something that is achievable.

Partner-up with a friend. Teaming up is important for motivation and achieving goals.

Keep track of activities, information, and projects. Trello is useful for this.

What I like about Trello:

  • My schedule and relevant info are readily available on my laptop, phone, or tablet, wherever I am.
  • I can add photos, notes, snippets from browsing,
  • I can add file attachments
  • It’s my one place for storing everything for access later.
  • Convenience! as Trello syncs across all my devices.
  • And, it’s free (for what you need on a personal level)

Don’t forget – all the most successful people use schedules or planners to keep themselves on track. They also include time to reflect and refocus and to reward themselves. The ideal time for doing this is any time.

Final Thoughts

I hope this has inspired you in some way to get out there and discover a new perspective. One more thing…looking at the planets in our solar system through a telescope, you’ll easily see things like the bands and moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, and you’ll definitely be amazed at the awe-inspiring world around you. Life looks differently through a lens.

Don’t forget…Your imagination has no age.

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”

~ Walt Disney
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