Benefits + Tricks Of How To Use A Barlow Lens

barlow lens

What is a 2x Barlow lens, included with my telescope? Is it worth it? Why not just use a few favorite eyepieces? Let’s look at the benefits as well as how to use a Barlow eyepiece. What Does A Barlow Lens Do? Before we touch on how to use a Barlow eyepiece, it’s worth noting … Read more

Best Eyepieces For Telescope Viewing With Glasses

Should I use my telescope with or without wearing my glasses? In this article, we cover telescope viewing with glasses, whether using a telescope with glasses or not matters and how best to use a telescope if you have eyesight conditions, especially astigmatism. If your eyewear only corrects for spherical power, i.e. nearsightedness or farsightedness, there’s no … Read more

What Are The Best Telescope Eyepieces | 2020 Guide

best extra eyepieces

So you are looking to buy a telescope or already have one but are wanting the best telescope eyepieces to get better detail in your views. Here is what to look out for and the sizes that matter when choosing an eyepiece collection for your telescope. In a hurry? Check out the top brand, Tele … Read more

Best Telescope For Kids for Stargazing

Want to introduce your child to stargazing? Finding the best telescope, however, can be somewhat daunting. This telescope buying guide is about helping you find that best telescope for kids with what to consider and reviews of popular kid’s telescopes. Encouraging children to stargaze helps expand their minds. Children are naturally curious and so introducing … Read more

Best Telescope For Viewing Planets | Full Guide

best planet telescope

With so many telescopes out there, it’s hard to know where to invest. If you’re looking for the best telescope for viewing planets, we’ve put together a quick reference as well as what to look for, and reviews of some popular telescopes for viewing planets. We cover the Go-To telescopes (automated types) as well as … Read more

What to Look For When Buying a Telescope

what to look for in a telescope

What telescope should you buy?  What features should you consider and what do they mean? Knowing these things helps when you are searching for that first telescope. Otherwise, it can be frustrating trying to understand the technical jargon, when you are a beginner looking for scopes for astronomy. The following describes the features of telescopes … Read more