How To Collimate a Dobsonian Telescope (diagrams included)

If you’ve got a Dobsonian, at some stage you’ll need to collimate it. How do you do that? It may seem overwhelming. To help you with that, the following takes you through the steps on how to collimate a Dobsonian telescope. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a painless process… A Dobsonian is … Read more

Which One’s Best? Telescope Mounts Explained (With Diagrams)

telescope mounts explained, woman moving controls of mount

Which telescope mount is best? There are three common telescope mounts: alt-azimuth, equatorial fork, and German equatorial. And then there’s the mount you find with Dobsonian telescopes. In the following, you’ll find these telescope mounts explained, with diagrams, along with how-tos on their use. Who is this for? Anyone looking to buy a telescope or … Read more

How To Mount A Telescope On A Camera Tripod

Needing a tripod for your telescope? You might be wondering how to mount a telescope on a camera tripod. Tripods can be expensive and you have one for your camera already. So, maybe you could use this. Let’s look at that… A decent tripod for a telescope can be expensive, so… Can you use a … Read more

Dobsonian Telescope Advantages and Disadvantages

A Dobsonian makes a good beginner telescope according to many amateur astronomers. Why a Dobsonian? There are a few reasons, one being the price. If you’re interested in this cheaper design of a telescope, you should first fully consider the Dobsonian telescope advantages and disadvantages before buying to see if it is right for you. … Read more

Basic Refractors vs Reflectors For Easy ID

comparing reflector with refractor telescopes

Not sure what telescope to buy? Confused about refractors vs reflectors telescopes. This article will help. It sets out the main differences and the pros and cons for you to weigh up in deciding upon a telescope for you to start using as an amateur astronomer. How to tell a refractor from a reflector What’s … Read more

How To Collimate A Celestron Telescope In 3 Easy Steps

Celestron is a well-known telescope brand and if you happen to have one you’ll want to keep it at its best. To maintain its performance, you may need to collimate it. Here’s a step by step on how to collimate a Celestron telescope starting with how to know whether it needs collimating. Collimation is basically … Read more