Beginners Guide To Stargazing

beginners guide to stargazing

Night sky viewing is a fascinating pastime that opens doors to new perspectives. Knowing certain tips can help you to appreciate it a whole lot sooner. This article includes info for a beginner astronomer and about using telescopes and binoculars when starting out. What’s So Good About Stargazing? Everyday problems will seem insignificant when you … Read more

Know Your Star Types: Here Are 14

You’ve probably heard of a few different types of stars in the night sky, but maybe not all. We’ll start with the ones you’re likely to know and move on to those you may or may not have heard of. We indicate where you are likely to find them, some using your home telescope or … Read more

How Good Are Binoculars For Astronomy? 13 Proven Ways

how good are binoculars for astronomy, thinks this guy using them

Wondering whether binoculars are any good for astronomy. There are many reasons why stargazing binoculars are useful. How good are binoculars for astronomy? Here are 13 reasons to invest in a pair if you’re a night-sky watcher… How good are binoculars for astronomy? What can you see with astronomy binoculars? Let’s see. Comets. The moon features. But … Read more

Using Binoculars in Amateur Astronomy (Best Options)

In addition to a great telescope, you may want to invest in a good set of binoculars for astronomy. There are many reasons why. I cover these, and in case you are wondering what are the best binoculars for stargazing, I go over the basics you need to know. Table of Content Why Use Astronomy … Read more

What to Look For When Buying a Telescope

what to look for in a telescope

What telescope should you buy?  What features should you consider and what do they mean? Knowing these things helps when you are searching for that first telescope. Otherwise, it can be frustrating trying to understand the technical jargon, when you are a beginner looking for scopes for astronomy. The following describes the features of telescopes … Read more

Before You Fly That Drone in the US

As always there are things to do before you fly that drone. Ensuring your drone’s battery is charged and checking the propellers are securely fastened are important. But, checking that you are allowed to fly that drone with a camera (or any drone) in the area you’ve chosen and that you have the right approvals is a … Read more