Beginners' Guides

If you are new to these hobbies for the first time you’re in the right place. Our backyard astronomer beginners’ guides will take you through everything you need to know when choosing a telescope or astronomy binoculars including the magnifications, eyepieces, how to find objects, maintaining your telescope, and how to store it safely when it’s not in use.

Before You Fly That Drone in the US

As always there are things to do before you fly that drone. Ensuring your drone’s battery is charged and checking the propellers are securely fastened are important. But, checking that you are allowed to fly that drone with a camera (or any drone) in the area you’ve chosen and that you have the right approvals is a … Read more

Before You Fly That Drone in Australia

drone regulations, Australia

The following questions and answers are based on the safety regulations for flying drones in Australia. Breach of these regulations when flying that drone to capture aerial shots could incur a fine of over AU$10,000. The company DJI have designed equivalent questions and answers in a quiz for Australian drone pilots. Things to do before … Read more