Finding Earth-like Planets

finding Earth-like planets

A new super-Earth was found recently. The newly found exoplanet orbits Barnard’s Star, which is about 6 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Ophiuchus. With an apparent magnitude of +9.5, you won’t be able to see this red dwarf without a telescope. And, it appears brighter in the infrared rather than the visible light spectrum. … Read more

How Good Are Binoculars For Astronomy? 13 Proven Ways

how good are binoculars for astronomy, thinks this guy using them

Wondering whether binoculars are any good for astronomy. There are many reasons why stargazing binoculars are useful. How good are binoculars for astronomy? Here are 13 reasons to invest in a pair if you’re a night-sky watcher… How good are binoculars for astronomy? What can you see with astronomy binoculars? Let’s see. Comets. The moon features. But … Read more

What Can You See Through A Home Telescope

what to see with a home telescope

We see jaw-dropping impressive images on social media and the Internet of the planets, galaxies, and nebula. Most of these are taken with highly sophisticated equipment. These are the Hubble type images, and not quite what you will see through a home telescope. What can you expect to see with a home telescope? If you are … Read more

Using Binoculars in Amateur Astronomy (Best Options)

In addition to a great telescope, you may want to invest in a good set of binoculars for astronomy. There are many reasons why. I cover these, and in case you are wondering what are the best binoculars for stargazing, I go over the basics you need to know. Table of Content Why Use Astronomy … Read more

18 Best Places To See Stars: Darkest Places on Earth

If you live somewhere with light pollution you might be thinking where can I go to stargaze? Here is a list of the best places to see stars including the darkest places on Earth. Are any near you? Why are some places better for stargazing than others? Generally, it’s the absence of artificial lighting that … Read more

Best Telescope For Viewing Planets | Full Guide

best planet telescope

With so many telescopes out there, it’s hard to know where to invest. If you’re looking for the best telescope for viewing planets, we’ve put together a quick reference as well as what to look for, and reviews of some popular telescopes for viewing planets. We cover the Go-To telescopes (automated types) as well as … Read more