Best Long Range Drone

long range drones

The length of time a drone can stay in the sky has implications for its use. For one, they can be useful for mapping. If you are looking for the best drone to buy for this, we examine transmission range, drone price, camera quality, flight time, and other features of some of the best long range … Read more

A Rare Event: Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

They called it a trifecta of Lunar events. A supermoon, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse coinciding on 31 January 2018. Definitely a time for night sky watching. You had to be in Australia, eastern Asia and parts of Canada for the best views. The night sky in Northern Australia granted us perfect viewing – … Read more

8 Walking Trails | Part-Time or New-to-Hiking? (inc. items to take)

The popularity of getting outside is growing for various reasons. Getting in touch with nature is especially trending in travel and outdoor adventures. The Great Walks sector is creating a huge following. It’s a great way to stay fit and healthy and shake off those shackles. As a newbie to this, where do you start? … Read more

8 Fun Ways of Connecting with the Wild

8 Magic Ways to Connect to the Wild

You might agree that we all need to do more of one thing. That is…Get outdoors and connect to the wild. By ‘the wild’, I mean the stuff that is not artificial, digital, or virtual — Otherwise, known as… nature! How about some fun ways of doing that?   The one certainty is we all benefit from connecting. Being in the fresh air … Read more