Best GoPro for Drone. GoPro HERO6 and Fusion Compared

The HERO6 Black can be used with the Karma, GoPro’s long range drone. But the Fusion cannot. Plus, it looks like GoPro is retiring the Karma drone, so how else do these two GoPros compare? This article covers some of the main features that differ between them as well as some frequently asked questions about GoPros.

Latest GoPros

HERO6 Black has twice the performance of HERO5 Black and delivers much better image quality than its early versions. Read reviews of the Hero6 Black here.

Fusion is another addition to the family. The Fusion has gimbal-like stabilization and GoPro claim that it is “the most versatile GoPro ever”. It supports new features. Still, GoPro has made low light improvements in the HERO6 that don’t seem to have transferred to the Fusion. Read reviews from real owners of Fusion here.

HERO6 Black and Fusion Compared

Common features

The HERO6 Black and the Fusion share a dozen or so common features.

  1. GPS
  2. Status screen
  3. USB port (USB-C)
  4. GoPro app
  5. 5GHz Wi-fi for offload to your phone
  6. Bluetooth®
  7. Simple one-button control
  8. Waterproof without housing to a certain depth
  9. Protune
  10. HiLight tag
  11. Removable lithium rechargeable battery
  12. Fast charging

The following cover a dozen differences between these two GoPros.

1. Audio / Sound

The HERO6 Black has stereo sound and three microphones.

The Fusion is designed for virtual reality. It has 360 audio (sound from every direction) and four microphones.

In reducing wind noise: The HERO6 Black has a 3-mic processing, whereas the Fusion has 4-mic.

2. Battery size

The Fusion has a larger sized battery than the HERO6 Black.

The HERO6 Black’s is 220mAh whereas the Fusion is 2620mAh.

Both are lithium-ion rechargeable.

3. Memory storage

Both will take a microSD with at least Class 10 or USH-l rating, though as an extra accessory.

The HERO6 Black has space for 1 microSD and the Fusion space for 2 microSD cards.

4. Modes

Both have modes of Photo, Burst, Night, Video, Time Lapse Photo, Time Lapse Video, and Night Lapse Photo.

Unlike the Fusion, the HERO6 Black also has a looping mode.

Voice Control

HERO6 Black and the Fusion feature simple voice commands allowing some hands-free control.

Both have voice control but that of the HERO6 is more expanded. For example, it features a wake-on-voice command.

5. Performance

HERO6 Black has twice the performance of HERO5 with its all-new GP1 chip.

6. Slow Motion Playback

HERO6 Black has 4K @60fps and 1080p 240 video that enables this slow-motion playback.

7. Camera – Capturing the Views

For stills, the HERO6 Black features 12 megapixels, whereas the Fusion, 18 megapixels.

HERO6 Black GoPro features 4K at 60 frames per second (fps) along with resolutions of 720p to 1440p and 2.7K.

The HERO6 Black exhibits impressive performance under low-light with its night photo modes.

It has continuous photo capture, unlike the Fusion.

It has exposure control, unlike the Fusion. It also has RAW photo (.GPR format) and audio (.WAV) capture., and has HDR photo capture.

The Fusion features 3K and 5.2K video resolutions. It delivers really clean 5.2 K spherical videos and is really fun to shoot with. The 5.2K allows you to create immersive virtual reality experiences where you can feel like you are within your video.

It has an ‘overcapture’ feature where you can edit its capture of 360-degree videos to produce standard rectangular 1080p videos similar to those you would shoot with the HERO6 Black or other standard GoPro cameras. This means you can do 16:9 HD or 4:3 cutouts from any part of the 360 sphere.

The Fusion has spherical capture, meaning it captures the 360º view of the world around it. It’s like having 2 GoPro HERO Blacks strapped together back to back. And…No stitch lines!

So, with a Fusion on a drone, you capture all directions at the one time. The trick is finding the right drone.

9. Waterproofing

The HERO6 Black is waterproof without housing to 10 meters (33 ft).

The Fusion is waterproof without housing to 5 meters (16 ft).

10. Image stabilization

Both, the HERO6 Black and the Fusion have advanced image stabilization.

The Fusion has the next level stabilization, and all without a gimbal.

11. Zoom control

With the HERO6 Black, you just touch the screen to zoom in and zoom out.

12. Accessories

The charger is sold separately in both cases.

The HERO6 has 30+ accessories to help you capture your best shot. It is Karma compatible. The Fusion is not.

For the HERO6 Black, there is a 3.5 mm audio microphone in and an HD video out (sold separately). The Fusion is not designed for these.

Included for the Fusion is a Fusion Grip with a built-in extension pole and tripod.

What else does the GoPro HERO6 Black have that the Fusion doesn’t?

QuikStories is one.

Another is auto upload to the Cloud.

It has a touch display, a GP1 Chip, and an HDMI port taking a micro HDMI connection.

What’s the Advantage of the Fusion?

The GoPro Fusion is designed to capture a full 360-degree view of the world. So it captures a spherical view of what’s around it.

What this is good for is for viewing with virtual reality headsets, which place you inside the recorded footage where you can turn your head and take in the scenes around you. It’s a whole new way of viewing the world unveiling with this technology.

It would also be amazing used with a drone.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a GoPro?

GoPros range from around $200 to $400 for the unit itself. Set extra dollars aside for the accessories that you’ll need.

How much is a GoPro HERO6 Black vs Fusion?

The Fusion is a few hundred dollars more than the HERO6 Black.

Which is the Best Go Pro?

Which is the best Go Pro camera?

That can depend on what you want and your budget. The HERO4 Black records at a usable frame rate (30fps). HERO6 Black offers the best video quality in this HERO range with the most expansive shooting options.

But, you can choose between Fusion, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black/Session, or the HERO Session. Though an official compatible drone for Fusion is yet to be declared.

Hero6 Back has twice the performance of HERO5 Black and delivers much better image quality than its early versions. Read reviews of the HERO6 Black here.

GoPro Fusion is a new edition to the action camera family. It has video resolutions of 5.2K and 3K, and 30fps. It sports a 5GHz Wi-Fi for offload to a phone. Photo megapixels of 18MP. It has advanced video stabilization, 360 audio, and GPS. It would be a great camera for your drone with the right mount. More to come on that we are sure.


FAQs about GoPros

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about GoPros in general. This refers also to older versions, the HERO5 and HERO4.

What are the best accessories for GoPro?

What accessories do I need for my GoPro?

Choices include suction cup mounts, chest harnesses, a GorrillaPod action tripod with mount, an aluminum handlebar bike mount, an incase pro pack and GoPro surfboard mounts.

Accessory kits for GoPro are typically the cheapest way to buy the extras. Click to see the Black Pro Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit for GoPro Hero models

For use of the GoPro with a drone, you may need to buy a gimbal and a mount as extras.

Do Gopros take good pictures?

There are different models of GoPro and not all have the same shooting mode or options available. The HERO4 allows you to shoot high definition video and take digital photos at the same time. With each updated model, the capturing capabilities have improved.

Are all GoPros waterproof?

Yes, most are with proper housing. The latest, the HERO6 Black is waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing.

What is the best gimbal for GoPro?

There are a few to choose from. There’s the EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro gimbal for HERO4 with a 3.5mm AV output.

For the HERO5 Black, there’s the GoPro Karma Grip.

How long is the battery life on a GoPro?

As an average…Plan for just over two hours if you are recording at 30fps (1080p resolution) but under two hours if using 60fps or a higher resolution.

What is the largest SD card for GoPro?

The largest SD may not be the best. Consider using 64GB cards and have at least two of these. Then if one fails or is lost it’s not as big a loss as if you were depending on a larger 128 or 256GB card. Make sure you have a card reader also.

But at the end of the day…Always check the manufacturer’s requirements that you have the right capacity micro SD card (meeting the minimum performance requirements) to avoid issues with camera stalling, shutting down, not recording or re-starting.

Which GoPros have a screen?

They just about all do. The latest HERO+LCD is a touchscreen camera.

Can you zoom in on a GoPro?

There is no standard zoom feature but the focal lengths on the camera of wide, narrow and medium allow you some flexibility. A lens that enables zooming in and out is another option.

What is burst mode in GoPro?

This enables you to take up to 30 shots per second.

Final Thoughts

I can see value in both designs. It really depends on what you want to do. Going on what some users have said, however, the Fusion might have a few bugs to iron out yet. As always, let us know your thoughts. Which is best? Fusion or HERO6 Black.



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