Best Drone for a GoPro to Buy 2020

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You can buy drones today that have a built-in camera. See my guide on long range drones, which includes reviews of drones with cameras. But, if you have a GoPro, you might be looking for a GoPro compatible drone – one on which you can mount your GoPro. To help you find that drone, the following covers a few still available with that feature.

Why look For the Best Drone for a GoPro

A GoPro takes photos on the move. By attaching it to your drone, you get to capture and share magnificent shots from a birds-eye view.

Rather than spending extra dollars on a drone with built-in camera, you might want to invest in a good quality drone on which you can mount your GoPro and use all the features you are familiar with.

Below are drones that are compatible with GoPros.

The GoPro Karma

Karma for GoPro at Amazon – Click image for latest price

Karma is made by GoPro itself. It first came out in 2015. It is a compact and ultra-portable drone that is compatible with Hero 6 Black, Hero 5 Black, and Hero4 Black/Silver.

The Karma is a long range drone with up to 3-km transmission distance.

NOTE: Although Karma is being retired by GoPro, it will remain on the market until sold out.

DJI Phantom with GoPro Mount

DJI Phantom with GoPro mount available at Amazon. Click image for details.

This has a GoPro-compatible mount and has been tested for Hero2, Hero3, and Hero3+ models. You will need to buy a compatible gimbal with this one. The drone has a flight time of 15 mins (though probably less with a camera attached).

3DR Solo Quadcopter

3DR Solo Drone available at Amazon. Click image for latest price.

This GoPro compatible drone can be fitted with a Solo compatible gimbal with a 3-axis stabilizer (sold separately). Its transmission range is 300 m and flight time 20-25 min. It is compatible with Hero 3+ and 4.

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk

The Altair Aerial Blackhawk is compatible with Hero 3 and 4. Click image for details.

This drone with fly up to 15-17 mins. Though, with a camera mounted, this time will reduce. This Altair drone featurs a mount for your GoPro Hero3 and 4. Users claim it’s easy to use and handles reasonably windy conditions. It’s claimed to be of heavy duty construction. Having a metal body, it should handle the knocks as well as the wind okay.

It has 6 axis gyros which means smooth maneuvering. It has a 300-500 meter range of transmission.

Final Thoughts on the Best Drone For GoPro

The above offers a few drones on which you can mount your GoPro Hero. Leave a comment below on what you’ve found to be the best drone for GoPro cameras.

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