Summer Heat Survival Guide. 10 Essentials for Getting Outdoors.

As a nature-spirited individual, you probably agree on the joys of connecting with the wild. But, what about when the outside is NOT so inviting? Like, when it’s unbearably hot or formidably cold? It’s easy to find excuses to stay indoors. This article is Part 1 of my #getreal action series that aims to arm you with ways to strengthen your resolution to get outside, all-year-round. Be fearless, connect with nature all year round. Click through to a ready-made outdoor checklist. The Wild, be Wild at Heart, get into Swimming, Snowboarding, Forest Bathing, being armed when it's too hot, it's too cold. Adventure, Adventurous, Passion, Life, Living, Being Me, Escape


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Of course…you can find indoor ways to connect with nature.

But then again, you could be fearless…and get outside anyway! You might say this is pure mind over matter – toughen up.

Still, having the right knowledge, and proper apparel and gear can make or break whether you venture outside often enough. Being well-armed will make a world of difference in your attitude.

Arm yourself to be fearless in getting outdoors during hot, humid weather

Apart from migrating south or north (depending on your location), how do you continue to enjoy the freedom and benefits of being in nature at these times?

Here’s the deal:

#1. First, avoiding heat stress is a priority

(I can’t emphasize this enough). It can be deadly, and …it can affect anyone, even the fittest.

For this reason: since humidity worsens the temperature effect, check the local heat index chart, and see how hot it feels for your body.

#2. Before you get going

Consider a cold shower or consuming an iced drink, which can help with performance.

Schedule outdoor activities for times when conditions are milder, such as early morning or late afternoon/evening.

#3. Take it easy

You might want to shorten your usual duration or include sufficient breaks to re-energize.

#4. Be smart

Make the most of areas with cool shady trees, or ocean or mountain breezes. Parks and forests are fabulous places. Try forest bathing or adventures in national parks. See my post on magic ways to connect to the wild.

#5. Try water-based activities

Try kayaking, swimming, or other water sports; in lakes, water holes, or at the coast (check safety precautions).

#6. For cooling off

Have a water soaked towel, some frozen treats, or a spray bottle of ice water (or all of these) on hand.

To stay hydrated and avoid heat stress: take plenty of cool water. You’ll need about 1-2 liters (about 1/4 to 1/2 gallon) per hr of outdoor time. Drink often and before you feel thirsty (tip: add electrolytes). It is best to avoid alcohol and caffeine.

#7. For energy

Include snacks with carbs and with electrolytes, especially potassium and sodium.

#8. For comfort

Wear breathable, lightweight attire that allows sweat to evaporate, and include a hat, shades, or other sun-protection apparel. Wear breathable clothing that is like dry-fit workout gear. Standard cotton is not the best. Look for labels with “breathable,” “moisture-wicking,” to help with staying cool, dry, and comfortable.

#9. For UV protection during at-risk periods

Apply and reapply, as recommended, natural UVA and UVB protection with the highest SPF.

#10. Have a checklist of items to take and do

This is to arm yourself optimally for getting outdoors in nature during summer temperatures.

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What you need for venturing outdoors in the summer heat

For the comfort and to optimize your experience during the hot, humid weather, consider the following supportive gear and apparel:

✓  Water bottle (BPA free), like this one, and
✓  A Camelbak type to carry extra fluids (water with electrolytes) for hydration.Click here to see the best prices on Camelbak.
✓  Having snack food on hand to eat can help sustain your energy levels over more lengthy outings.
✓  Coolers and cooler packs/ice bricks, like these, to store your frozen or cold treats. Check out the best prices on Coolers here.
✓  Fitness towels for drying and cooling-off are always handy, like these.
✓  Hats and sunglasses/shades for protection from glare, heat, and UV rays like these,
✓ Natural UVA and UVB protection (tip: use water resistant), like these.
✓  Breathable moisture-wicking clothing including underwear for comfort in sticky weather. Check out the range and best prices here.
✓  For fun in the water, you’ll enjoy having the right recreation gear.

Check out the assortment of water sports equipment available here.


10 musts for getting outdoors into nature, all-year-round:

  1. #Have a checklist of what to take or do, and refer to it to ensure you’re armed for the occasion.
  2. #Dress for the occasion and the conditions.
  3. #Protect exposed areas of your body from the elements.
  4. #Adjust the level of your physical exertion according to your fitness and the elements.
  5. #Choose an activity to match the overarching conditions.
  6. #Select an optimal location for the event.
  7. #Pick the best time of day for the outdoor activity, e.g. when conditions are mild.
  8. #Keep vigilant about possible worsening conditions.
  9. #Listen to your body. As always advised, it’s best to consult your physician before taking on any exercise regime.
  10. #Always let someone know of your planned activity when you are heading outdoors in unusual conditions.

Here’s a downloadable form to fill out before your trip to allow people to find you if something goes wrong: Planned Itinerary Notification form.

For women adventurers, Camping for Women has some genuinely helpful resources.

Recommended optional necessities:

You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate nature. There’s plenty of affordable gear, for anyone, beginners included, to get a deeper connection with the wild.

Here are just three that should enhance your experience…

If you are interested in the night sky, consider getting this power seeker telescope and wonder at the universe, identifying planets, stars, and constellations. Check out the latest prices for this here.

For a close up of creatures in nature, this High Powered 12X50 Monocular.  See the latest prices for the monocular – click here.

For viewing and capturing what’s wild underwater, you can’t go past this tubeless GoPro compatible snorkel mask with no gag reflex design. Click here to learn more.

My personal preferences

When it comes to nature, I have an affinity for the beach.

But, because I live in the humid tropics, summer outside is not always that inviting.

Especially, the more recent summers have been unbearably hot and humid with extremely high temperatures and humidity generally over 70%.

When it’s like… so stinking hot, I feel irritable, lethargic, and it’s difficult for me to even think straight. (She says as sweat pours down forehead).

Overall, I just feel quite slack when it’s hot and humid. But, that’s nature’s way of saying I need to go easy, as conditions are not optimal for me right now.

In looking to nature, even diurnal species don’t venture out when the heat is on. They conserve their energy. (BTW retaining natural vegetation and water holes are so important.)


My story…

I love long beach walks. Sometimes these are brisk walks. Other times, I enjoy a stroll, noticing little creatures in the sand, the marine debris washed up, but mostly paddling barefoot along the water’s edge. This interaction is my favorite way of connecting with nature.

So, during these oppressively hot humid summers, I have mostly opted for milder times of day, like at evenings (but geez even our nights have been hot and humid of late), to get outdoors.

For one, my partner and I find after-dinner is a good time for outdoor activity.

With the moonlight shining across the bay, curlews roaming the beach, kids with torches chasing ghost crabs, our long brisk walks along the beach at night are pure magic!

Other times, we’ll go kayaking or bike riding at the coast.

For these occasions, my personal preference is to use a natural zinc oxide sunscreen, like this one, that offers high protection and is water- resistant. For water sports and because of perspiration from the hot, humid conditions, water-resistant sunscreen is a must.

As well, we find our Coleman cooler is perfect for these outings. It’s light, a great size, and works well at keeping things cold.Check out the reviews and the latest prices for the Coleman cooler here.

Do you have a personal preference for outings or perhaps a favorite piece of outdoor gear?

It might help others if you share it in the comments.

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You might say this is pure mind over matter to get outside in nature. Still, having the right knowledge, and proper apparel and gear can make or break whether you venture outside often enough. Being well-armed will make a world of difference in your attitude and this article aims to arm you with ways to strengthen your resolution to get outside, all-year-round.

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