12 Drone Flying Techniques To Master As A Newbie

learning drone flying techniques

If this is your first one, it helps to know the drone’s capabilities and to practice drone flying techniques before you go out yonder. The drone instructions that came with your purchase may cover these, but often, in not enough detail. The following covers the basics that you can practice in your backyard to help … Read more

The DJI Mavic Series 1 & 2 Compared

Mavic drones

Which DJI Mavic quadcopter is best for you? Having one of the DJI Mavic series for aerial shots can be fun while hiking, backpacking, or just out and about. Before you go out and buy one of the DJI Mavic versions, however, you need to make sure the one you choose is designed to work … Read more

GoPro Commands: Voice Control in Oldest to latest Models

GoPro Voice Commands

The GoPro voice commands make handling easier. It helps to know these commands in a little detail without having to refer to the instructions each time. Here I list the main ones to commit to memory. When using GoPro commands, you’ll want to at least know the simple voice commands. What This Covers… List Of … Read more

Let’s Compare GoPros of 2020

Compare GoPros, What is the Best GoPro Hero Fusion

Which GoPro should I buy? What are the differences in GoPros? It can be confusing. In this article, we compare GoPros, going over other the basic differences and answering some frequently asked questions about the latest GoPros. What This Covers The Reason GoPros Are So Popular GoPros Oldest To Newest The HEROs The Fusion The … Read more

Drones protecting wildlife + 101 Ways Drones Are Saving Our Earth

Drones help to save the Earth

It’s important to preserve our environment and drones protecting wildlife and the like makes sense. For one, landscapes support livelihoods, plus they have personal and spiritual meanings for many, being places of pilgrimage and celebration. But, let’s not forget what they provide in the way of awesome places to escape the humdrum, reenergize and capture awe-inspiring and uplifting … Read more

Intuition in Capturing Footage

instinct vs intuition, intuitive photography

In this, I look at instinct vs intuition and how these relate to landscape photography. What does each phenomenon mean? Are they the same, or not? At first, you may think they mean the same. But, I will go on to say that they are different, but that they do work in unison to yield some great works of creativity, … Read more