11 Ways Binoculars Are Good For Astronomy

There are many reasons why in stargazing binoculars are useful.  Here are eleven.

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How Do Binoculars Help You See Better Celestial Views?

For amateur astronomers, here are 11 ways binoculars can help your stargazing experience.

1. Accessory to Telescope

It’s not a matter of binoculars vs telescope, but rather a case of binoculars being a great accessory to that home telescope. First, they will help you find stars and planets to point to in the night sky (more so than the naked eye). 

2. Above Horizon Viewing

Binoculars are best for viewing stars and planets just above the horizon as they are rising.

3. Viewing Comets

They are perfect for observing bright comets like 21P, 38P, and 46P/Wirtanen of 2018 that grace our skies from time to time and are spectacular sights.

4. Find Outer Planets

With binoculars, you can search out Uranus and Neptune with the help of finder charts. 

5. Planet Viewing

Quality binoculars are useful for planet viewing. You can see the red color of Mars, Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, and Antares clearly through a good set of binoculars. Alpha Centauri can be seen as yellow and Beta Centauri as blue.

6. Lunar Occultations

Small binoculars are ideal for lunar occultations (when the Moon passes in front) of a star of magnitude 4 or less (brighter). 

7. Moon Features

They are great for viewing the large craters and maria (seas) on the Moon. It’s a good idea to have a sturdy tripod for this or at least a way of keeping the image stable. You can try placing your elbows on a fence, one the roof of your vehicle, or on a table while holding the binoculars to view the moon.

8. Finding Fainter Stars

Binoculars are best for finding the fainter stars shown in star atlases and finder charts.

9. Dim Stars

They help with finding stars that appear dim due to the position of the Moon in the night sky.

10. Moons of Jupiter

They are useful for observing the moons of Jupiter as they move around the planet.

11. Great for Kids

Binoculars can be more lightweight and compact than portable telescopes. They are also easy to use and are a great way to get children interested in astronomy.


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